Payroll Services

Payroll Services that are quick, timely & effective

Abrar Naseer, CGA has an infallible unit that works efficaciously in providing ultimate payroll related services to its clients. We utilize no half measures in our work and deal in payroll work for any sort or scale of business. Our emphasis is to complete total payroll related work (from head to toe) for your concern so that you could concentrate on better and more important work issues.


  • Payroll Management
  • Payroll Administration
    • Payroll Data Processing
    • Overtime Calculation
    • Employee Reports
    • Tax Deduction
  • Payroll Check
  • Periodical Payroll service
  • Summaries of T4s and T4 annually
  • Completion of Payroll Forms

As a payroll management service provider, we keep a continuous eye on the running processing tools and softwares and adopt techniques that best fit the requirements of our customers. We realize that with time Payroll Administration has become a big task in itself and an employee's reports, overtime etc. Calculation has to be done correctly and quickly at the same time. Our team keeps in mind both of these factors and aims at providing fast and reliable results to our customers.


  • Online payroll service
  • Flexible payroll activities
  • Computerized bookkeeping and payroll
  • Specific _ quick report formation
  • Adherence to CRA _ other professional standards
  • Development and implementation of accounting systems specifically tailored to your business
  • Usage of _ training in all latest payroll processing softwares
  • Time _ cost effective services

Moreover, we are equipped with Professional & educated staff, are just a call away from our clients and follow all the accounting principles as Certified General Accountants of Ontario, Canada.

And yes, your accounting data is safe with us.

Try out our peculiar set of accounting services specially if you are in Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto. Trust us, you will not be disappointed !

You can call us to avail our payroll service at our local number: 905-456-7676 or mail your requirements at

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