Estate & Trust Tax Preparation service that can Maximize savings

Has a set of qualified professionals that make it a multi-functional unit. As a result, it can not only provide multiple services but also provide expert advise in all area. It provides professional estate _ trust tax preparation service.

In this regard, it provides major assistance in all sectors of estate, trust tax planning and preparation services.


  • Preparation of Trust _ Estate Tax returns
  • Trust Account handling
  • Trust Liability or income distribution
  • Complete Trust Administration (Audit, Review _ Compilation, Bookkeeping etc.)
  • Strategy Development _ Planning
  • Trust Administration
  • Estate Freeze Planning

We take it as our duty to review the Trust financial statements soundly and carry on each _ every transaction related to preparation of Trust _ Estate Tax with complete care so that the income or liability due can be allocated perfectly and all formalities related to tax are completed on time.


  • Maximization of tax savings/estate value
  • Deferral/Minimization of tax payable on death
  • Deferral/Minimization of probate fee payable on death
  • Time _ cost effective service
  • Adherence to Professional standards
  • Development and implementation of accounting systems specifically tailored to your business.

Moreover, we are equipped with Professional & educated staff, are just a call away from our clients and follow all the accounting principles as Certified General Accountants of Ontario, Canada.

And yes, your accounting data is safe with us.

Try out our peculiar set of accounting services specially if you are in Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto. Trust us, you will not be disappointed !